Whitetail's 18½ Holes

The Whitetail Golf Course features 18½ holes carved into the countryside of Northwest Wisconsin. It is known for its well-manicured grounds and greens. The front nine tempts golfers to “swing away” with ample space and demanding distance, while the narrow carved-out holes on the back nine require precision play.

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Course Tour

Hole #1

Par 4— 342 Yards
Clear view straight to the green. Two fairway bunkers on the left can be cleared with a drive of 233 yards. Trouble is pine row to left of fairway. Green is protected by sand trap on right. Shot placement to two tiered green is important.

Hole #2

Par 3 — 165 Yards
Three different tee locations all present different challenges. Large pond in front. Take note of wind at tee box. The green slopes from back to front; below the hole is best placement.

Hole #3

Par 5 — 506 Yards
Out of bounds on left by pine row, and also out of bounds on right into driving range. Aim towards big pine behind green. Large green is protected by two sand traps.

Hole #4

Par 4 — 386 Yards
Trouble can be had with shots that stray to the left or right. Pond tends to grab balls from peeking golfers. From front of pond to center of green is 100 yards. Great spot to refreshen your drink.

Hole #5

Par 4 — 414 Yards
Long par 4 slightly uphill the entire way. Pond to the left of tee shot landing area. Green slopes from back to front.

Hole #6

Par 4 — 361 Yards
Slight dogleg right. Can play straight but lots of trouble awaits. Out of bounds to the right the entire length of the hole. Approach shot is uphill, and shot that misses to the left usually ends up down the hill. Green is protected by sand trap to the right.

Hole #7

Par 3 — 168 Yards
Large tee area gives you a variety of yardage to the green. Green is protected with large bunker to the left. Large green slopes from back to front.

Hole #8

Par 4 — 395 Yards
Straight at it. Trouble can be had with the hazard on the left. Approach shot must clear bunker protecting the front of green. Green has many tantalizing twists to make putting an adventure.

Hole #9

Par 5 — 503 Yards
Grip it and rip it. Wide fairway and rough area give error for wayward shots. Trap on the right side of the green.

Hole #10

Par 4 — 348 Yards
Dogleg right. Ideal tee shot would be placed around the 150-yard marker. Corner can be cut but trees grab lots of shots. Large waste bunkers to the left of fairway. Your approach shot accuracy is a must in dealing with the fast, breaking green. Be below the hole.

Hole #11

Par 3 — 153 Yards
Another par 3 to a large green. Miss the approach shot to the right and the bank may put you on the green. Miss to the left and it will put you at the bottom of the hill. Green drops sharply from the back to the front. Good luck with that putter.

Hole #12

Par 5 — 509 Yards
Accuracy is a must on this dogleg left. Distance is nice but shot placement has a higher value on this par 5. Trees line both sides of the fairway. The green is narrow with trouble looming on both sides.

Hole #13

Par 3 — 165 Yards
Pines on right tend to grab errand balls in a hurry. Green is surrounded by trees to the back and right. Sand is to the left of green.

Hole #14

Upper Tee | Par 4 — 329 Yards
From the upper tee box this hole is a sharp dogleg right. Out of bounds on the right from tee to green. Tee shot to red post is ideal. Green is wide but shallow.

Lower Tee | Par 4 — 372 Yards
From the lower tee box, aiming at red pole is ideal. Elevated green where shots to the left tend to bounce away. Smallest green on the course.

Hole #15

Par 4 — 331 Yards
Pines line entire left side of hole. Large pond on right, and fairway bunker on the left guard the fairway. Large green is protected by sand trap to the left. The green slopes from back to front.

Hole #16

Par 4 — 320 Yards
Sharp dogleg to the left. Approach shot is uphill. Shot to the right maybe aided by steep bank. Stray to the left and you are in trouble. Green has lots of slope.

Hole #17

Par 4 — 361 Yards
Elevated tee shot to a protected green. Out of bounds to the right from tee to green. Pond protects the front of this two-tiered green.   Be careful with approach shots from back of green. Legend has it that as dusk approaches and you look out into the field to the right you may spot Lyle looking for his tee shot.

Hole #18

Par 4 — 273 Yards
A short par 4 reachable for the big hitters. Out of bounds lines the right side from Prince Pond to the green. Green is protected by sand on each side.

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